Having an PROPTA internationally recognized personal trainer certification will prove credibility as a trainer to your clients.

PROPTA has an advisory board for curriculum and exams.

We have trainers working in many top health clubs and gyms across the world!

Personal Trainers are one of the most demanded professions for the next decade

PROPTA trainers can have their fitness articles published!

We have fitness experts who publish personal training and nutrition articles with us!

PROPTA uses the most current information for all certification courses!

PROPTA personal trainers and instructors have the option to have their names listed in their state's database!




Making a positive difference in the health, wellness, and fitness of people around you is a goal you can accomplish.  PROPTA’s continuing research in the personal trainer, fitness-related, and nutrition fields gives you up-to-date certification courses. — Visit www.propta.com

Do you enjoy fitness but don't understand the professional side of it? For whatever reason, if this question is directed to you, take a few moments to read below and consider if a part-time or full-time fitness profession is right for you.

In 2000 the AP reported that personal trainers were in the top 10 of professions in demand for the next decade.

Becoming your own boss as an independent personal trainer will give you the liberty of setting the pace for your future, OR you may choose to work at a fitness center.

The starting pay for trainers may be better than your current job peaks out at. Something to think about!

The positive impact that you make on a client's life can give you a rewarding feeling that is priceless.

Career burnout is now becoming more popular than ever. This can be avoided if your profession is exciting and brings new challenges.

If you are considering personal training but are not yet willing to quit your full-time job, you can start out part-time. This way you can gradually expand and build your clientele until you feel that you are ready to make personal training your full-time profession.

Fact - a certified personal trainer earns a greater income than a non-certified trainer.

Many clubs and clients will not hire non-certified personal trainers.

To receive liability insurance, certification is a must!


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